How To Monitor Non-branded Traffic

1. Login or signup to MonitLabs. Everything described below is possible with our 1-year free plan (no CC required!)

2. If you have not done so already, connect your Google Search Console account with MonitLabs. It will take you 30 seconds (4 clicks).

3. Navigate to GSC Reports.


4. Pick the dates and – optionally – the country you are interested in. Next, click the No Filters button:

MonitLabs filters

5. Navigate to General filters and select Not branded only.

non branded traffic

6. Make sure all your branded terms are included.

branded keywords

7. Optional. Save your filterset to be able to quickly use it in the future.

saving filterset

8. Hit the Apply button and that’s it. You can now see the performance overview comparison for the periods you selected for non-branded traffic only.

GSC comparison overview

You can also move to the Keywords tab to see the performance comparison for individual phrases.

MonitLabs GSC data export