How To Find URL Cannibalisation Cases For My Website

1. Login or signup to MonitLabs. Everything described below is possible with our 1-year free plan (no CC required!)

2. If you have not done so already, connect your Google Search Console account with MonitLabs. It will take you 30 seconds (4 clicks).

3. Navigate to GSC Reports.


4. MontLabs will compare the search visibility of two periods. As in this use case we are interested only in the second period (because it’s the most recent), don’t worry too much about the dates of the first one. Pick the dates and – optionally – the country you are interested in. Next, click the No Filters button:

MonitLabs filters

5. Go to the General filters tab and set to include only keywords where more than one URL from your website is ranking:

6. Hit Apply and that’s it. In the Keywords tab MonitLabs will show you all the keywords for which more than one URL from your website is ranking. You can further filter that list, select keywords that matter to you, or export them all into xls or csv file

MonitLabs GSC data export