Why MonitLabs gives you a better overview of your SEO performance

MonitLabs is a robust, accurate, and low-priced rank tracker. It tracks more and costs less.

How it gives you a better overview of your performance?

  • You can track more keywords for a lower price
  • Besides tracking your organic rankings, with MonitLabs you can track Effective Rankings and Distance from the top of the SERP page (in pixels)
  • MonitLabs tracks all the Top 100 results. You can see ranking history for any domain and any URL.
  • With MonitLabs you can see all dashboards for any of your competitors, not only for your domain.
  • With MonitLabs you can create advanced reports with your Google Search Console data.

Effective Rankings

Take a look at the SERP below:

The first three places are taken by various SERP Features: Paid result (ad), Featured Snippet, and People also ask. The first organic result is at 4th position. This is exactly what Effective Position is.

You can compare rankings history for Effective Position vs Standard Organic Position like on the chart below. You can do it for any keyword, keyword group, or all-keywords average:

One line represents Standard Organic Ranking while the other one shows Effective Ranking. By comparing them side by side you can easily see when Google displayed more SERP Features and you will identify reasons for the traffic fluctuations quicker. MonitLabs also have a separate dashboard for tracking SERP Features.

Remember, MonitLabs lets you show these charts for any domain, not only yours.

Pixel Distance Tracking

You can go even deeper and track the distance your result is from the top of the SERP. We measure it for both desktop (1080×1920) and mobile (640×360) devices. You can check it for any keyword, keyword group, or all-keywords average.


Pixel tracking

For a single keyword, we store the value only if a keyword is displayed on the first page of search engine results. For keywords that are on the second page and lower you will see blank spots on charts. When inspecting the keyword group average distance we set the default value of 5000 pixels for all the keywords outside the first page. This is to make sure that the keywords that just started to rank within the first page, will not make the average go down instead of going up. It makes it a great indicator of whether your first-page visibility went up or down (despite the rankings!).


You can also inspect Pixel Distance for any of your competitors! Yes – any of them..

Better Competitor Tracking

With MonitLabs all the dashboards are available not only for your domain but for any other domain spotted in TOP 100 results. You can switch the domain for which dashboards are being displayed in just two clicks:


Full Top 100 Results Tracking

Because MonitLabs tracks all the results in the Top 100, you can easily monitor all the significant ranking changes for your keywords:

Full Rankings

You can do that by domains, by URLs, for Top 10, Top 100, or any mix of the above. 

Advanced Google Search Console Reports

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