How To Find Keywords That Are Low Hanging Fruits

1. Login or signup to MonitLabs. Everything described below is possible with our 1-year free plan (no CC required!)

2. If you have not done so already, connect your Google Search Console account with MonitLabs. It will take you 30 seconds (4 clicks).

3. Navigate to GSC Reports.


4. You will be comparing your search visibility for two periods. You will find all the keywords that can be easy wins for your website based on the results. Pick the dates to compare the last two months of data. Optionally, pick the country you are interested in. Next, click the No Filters button:


5. In the General filters tab select the urls to be included in the report.

GSC report include urls

6. Go to Avg. pos. filters and set the top position limit for the second period to 10 and the bottom position limit for the second period to 20. In the Wins/losses box select Wins only

keyword opportunities

7. Optional. Save your filterset to be able to quickly use it in the future.

saving filterset

8. Hit Apply and that’s it. You will get all the keywords in the positions from 10 to 20 that recently moved up in rankings (this means Google likes them). You can now see the URLs that rank for those keywords and optimize target pages. From the UI you can easily export keyword lists to xls or csv.

MonitLabs GSC data export

Play around with other filters to fine-tune your search. You can extend the positions range, add click or impressions filters to include only keywords with significant traffic, add minimum change threshold, etc.